Svetlana Semenova

Work and born (1967) in Moscow region.
Moscow Art and Craft School (artist-designer).
Member of Moscow Artists Trade Union.
Solo-and- collectives exhibitions since 1999.

Works are kept in private collections in Russia and abroad.


Artists statement:

My ceramics is my inner world. Making my ceramics I’m trying to do something important, to tell people about my ideas and mood. I like ceramics because I can dream up with the shape and color. The ceramics is beautiful and treacherous at the same time. Every time you’re waiting for the opening of the kiln with a sinking heart…
but it is a creative work from beginning to end.

index Грачи на снегу Девочка с леденцом Китоглав Натюрморт с бутылками Натюрморт с гранатами подснежники Полет над зимним городом Птицелов Рыбы на газете Сластена сумеречный Ван ГогГончар

there was a rubric – “Russian ceramics“! Thanks for watching

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