NATALIA KORCHEMKINA. Russian ceramics.

Meritorious Artis of Russia.
Ceramics, graphics.

“In an artwork I mostly appreciate what you can’t see with your eyes. Forms, ornaments, colors, textures are very important but, I believe, they are only means. The most exciting for me is the change that takes place when a block of clay is transformed into finished sculpture. When through art an ordinary object turns into something spiritual, obtains an inner life, touches and excites human hearts.

Ceramics gives me the way to express my emotions and thoughts which I can’t find words for. The pieces I make weave together objects and images that are culled from personal memories, art history, ancient cultures, world of nature and urban environments. By creating sculptures that are composed of combinations of familiar images, I hope to shed new light on the metaphorical possibilities of the figure and of the objects in our everyday world. My work negotiates a balance between the real and the imaginary – between our daily experiences and our dreams.

My ceramic pieces are handbuilt. I like and use porcelain, chamotte, red clay. I’m not very fond of bright colours and exotic techniques. Sensuous surfaces, muted colors and simple forms create quiet relationships meant to entice visually and physically. They require close attention and a heightened level of emotional involvement from the viewer.”
Studied at the Ural School of Applied Arts, Nizhniy Tagil and in the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. (Ceramics and Glass Department.)
Worked at the Glass Factory “Salavatsteklo”, the Bashkir Republic. (1981-1985).
Freelance Artist (from 1986), member of “The Union of Artists of Russia” since 1991.
Meritorious Artist of Russia. 2010.

SOLO and DUO EXHIBITIONS. The last ones:
“Birth”. Gallery Maris-Art, Perm, Russia. 2015.
Searching for a Face”. Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford, Great Britain. 2012.
“Tea Party with Gulliver”. Gallery Maris-Art, Perm, Russia. 2011.
“Looking for a Face”. Реrm State Art Gallery. Russia. 2010 -11.
“Missatge Mut”, Espai d’Art Les Quintanes, Llorenc del Penedes, Catalynia, Spain. 2010.


X International Small Form Porcelain Exhibition. Porcelain Museum. Riga. Latvia. 2015.
I International Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics. Bolu, Turkey. 2014.
VIII International Small Form Porcelain Exhibition. Porcelain Museum. Riga. Latvia. 213.
The 2nd China KaoLin Grand Prix for International Ceramic Art. The Great China Museum. Jingdezhen. China. 2013.
“LANDescape”. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia. 2013.
«Baikal-KeraMistika». The Regional Sukachev art museum. Irkutsk. Russia. 2013.
IV BICMA. Biennal internacional de Ceramica de Marratxi. Mallorca, Spain. 2012.
“International Mixed Exhibition. Painting- Sculpture- Ceramic”. Usak University Art Gallery. Turkey. 2011.
“Collectiva D’Estiu”. El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain.2010.
II International Modern Pot Art Biennale Exhibitiom. Shanghai Arts&Crafts Museum, China. 2010.
IV International Ceramic Tile Triennial. Centro Leon, Santiago, the Dominican Republic. 2010.
“Art Through Time”. Perm State Art Gallery, Russia. 2010.
“A Circle of Fire”. The Central Exhibition Hall. Bobruisk, Mogilev, Minsk, Belarus. 2009,2010.
“Ceramica Multiplex”, III International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics. 2009.

“Burning Flower”. Ceramic sculpture fired in situ. Bulgaria. 2015.
Fire sculpture. The Ceramic Project of the Laboratory of Modern Culture. Suzdal, Russia. 2014.
“LANDescape”. The International Ceramic Art Symposium . Mark Rothko Art Centre. Daugavpils, Latvia.2013.
“Baikal-KeraMistika”. The Art Symposium on Ceramics. Irkutsk region, Russia. 2013.
«Fundacion Valparaiso». The Art residency. Almeria, Spain. 2012.
«Magdalen Road Studios”. The Art residency. Oxford, Great Britain. 2012.
“Red Angel”. The I-st International Open-Air Ceramic Symposium during the Festival “White Nights”. Perm, Russia, 2012.
The 1st and 2nd International Ceramic Symposiums. Ryabovo, Kirov Region, Russia. 2011, 2012.
Art residency and “White Nights” Art Festivals. Vsevolodo-Vilva. Perm Region. Russia. 2010, 2011.
“Enrajolem!”,The International Art Project. El Vendrell. Spain. 2010.
“Casamarles” Art Residency, Spain. March – May, 2010.
“Let’s Tile Together”. IV International Ceramic Tile Triennial, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. 2010.
“Art-ZhiZhal”. The 7th and 8th International Ceramic Plein-Air. Bobruisk, Belarus. 2009, 2010.13164319_1250912458253731_1844761449883923514_n13179041_1250912571587053_4148112245798179287_n 13221495_1250912618253715_5825200221426546027_n 13177516_1250912594920384_7464219942377959720_n 13177461_1250912451587065_182891761443803100_n 13173838_1250912528253724_759544647647747658_n 13166111_1250912461587064_1359017843455777230_n 13166084_1250912524920391_2331694984425105155_n 13102880_1250912484920395_6236403373448276993_n 13151718_1250912548253722_6439856781765032501_n 13139330_1250912581587052_1276499814384221039_n 13177705_1250912631587047_3642555911183856989_n

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