Louise Gelderblom

Simple shapes, combined with the finest graphics provide unique rhythm, slightly breathing and pulsating. We immediately see that master of ceramics from southern Africa, Louise Gelderblom – thorough, calm and patient man, at least with regard to her work.

The scale of her works range from small to huge vases, above human growth vessels. But no matter how varied the size, we always see the monumental art. Even the exterior of the artist there is something akin to her work. Big woman with a kind look that seems fine soul man.
Technique in which Louise works – the molding of the clay bundles or, as potters, sausages. This technique allows you to build a vessel of any size. To give final shape by using a wooden spatula-like kitchen.

“I like the technique of modeling of the harness when I do it, it seems that I’m drawing in three-dimensional space.” – Says Louise. Personally, I am enthralled by the rhythm, which she decorates their vases. It always corresponds to the shape of the vessel. And due to the fact that all the lines are drawn by hand, it does not seem monotonous.



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