The unusual exhibition of ceramics open  the other day In Moskow. There are 13 wooman artists from Moskow, St-Petersburg and Minsk take part in this event. The mission of members whas creation ceramics compositions for walls. I think result of this idea sims very harmonious. The title “Surfases” fully characteristic for this theme. Every artist show in here work tremulous feeling to theme and material. Everybody can find rich inner world of artists under “Surfases” in this wonder exposition. 9XR0W-5PlJ4
_MG_3702Olga Ravinskaya.


_MG_3697 Ludmila Nazina

_MG_3682Ludmila Nazina

_MG_3694_MG_3693_MG_3692Marina Stepanova-Lanskaya


_MG_3691Irina Chirikova


_MG_3687Olga Ravinskaya


_MG_3686 _MG_3683

Tatyana Punans



_MG_3681Ekatreina Suhareva_MG_3666Ekatreina Suhareva




_MG_3664 Anastasia Charina




_MG_3663 _MG_3662 _MG_3661





Elena Malyavina



_MG_3657 Irina Schastnaya


_MG_3655 Anna Andrianova

_MG_3654 Anna Andrianova


_MG_3651 Natalya Poltoratskaya



Ekaterina Suhareva


_MG_3647 Marina Stepanova-Lanskaya



_MG_3645 _MG_3640 _MG_3642 _MG_3641Olga Ravinskaya


_MG_3638 _MG_3632 _MG_3631 _MG_3624 _MG_3622_MG_3750 _MG_3746

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